Apply to transfer a Hackney Carriage vehicle licence to another vehicle

Use this form to change the vehicle on your existing Hackney Carriage licence. 

Before you apply

A fee must be paid and a receipt is then issued. The vehicle test appointment will be confirmed at this point. 

When the vehicle has been passed, the proprietor must come to the service point reception, along with the pass sheet, old plate and insurance. 

The new plate is then issued along with a licence and the window stickers with details of the licence and the Licensing Authority. 

If your vehicle fails the test, you will be issued with the relevant documentation at the Test Station which will outline the reasons why. If the failure is due to MOT standards, you will be issued with a ‘Refusal MOT test Certificate’ which again outlines the reason for the refusal (there is important information on the reverse side of this document which should be read). 

Any enquiries regarding the above can be made at the service point or by telephone to the Licensing Administration team on 01706 924114. 

Please ensure you have the following information available before starting the application:

  • Details of the vehicle current licensed - including the registration number, make, model, seating capacity and plate number
  • Details of the new vehicle you'd like to transfer your licence to - including the registration number, make, model, seating capacity, year of manufacture, number of doors, engine capacity and colour
  • Meter information for the vehicle currently licensed and the new vehicle
  • Details of any advertisements displayed on your vehicle, including the size and a description of the design
  • Insurance information for the new vehicle - this includes the policy number, the date the insurance expires and the name of the policy holder
  • Documents you'll need to upload to the form:
    • Proof of insurance for the new vehicle
    • A copy of the log book for the new vehicle
    • Proof of road tax for the new vehicle

You'll have 10 minutes to complete each page of this form.